Choosing a Handrail Style

Fitts Stair PartsOnce you have determined exactly where you are going with your stairs your next step will be to choose a style. Many of your style decisions will be based on the direction you have decided to go. When choosing a … Read More >>

Stair Parts Terminology

Pin top newel with Volute
Pin top newel with Volute

Pin Top Newel: A newel with a dowel on top which inserts into a fitting for an over the post stair system.

Ball Top Newel: A newel, generally with turning which has a round top … Read More >>

Role of the Stair Builder

Role of the stair builder

By Andrew Young

“Nothing spoils a nice suit more than a lousy pair of shoes…”
Was one of the sage bits of advice my great grandfather imparted to me.  Outside the odd wedding, funeral or … Read More >>

Stair Parts Lingo


Newel: Commonly called a “post”. The Newel is a strong vertical post used at the start of a railing. They are also used to strengthen the rail system on balconies and landings.

Baluster: Commonly called a “spindle”; these …