Five Ways to Make the Perfect Mid-Century Home

The Mid-Century Modern home is one of today’s hottest trends.  It’s sleek, angular, and sophisticated features make for the perfect opportunity to utilize our industry’s most current sustainable materials in a modern space.  With a heavy emphasis on color, large … Continued

Metrie: North America’s Leader in Interior Finishes

Celebrating Our Partners: When it comes to Interior Finishes, Metrie is North America’s leader!  For 75 years, we have been fortunate to have incredible partners like Metrie.  We are honored to be an authorized dealer of  Metrie products.  It is … Continued

What Is the Deal With Lumber Prices Anyway?

There is no doubt that the advent of the Covid-19 virus has upended life in many ways.  The impact has been profound and we are encountering disruptions in the supply chain for even the most basic goods.  It is not … Continued

Product Exclusive: Metrie Rustic Shiplap

We are full swing into 2021 and our home spaces are more important than ever.  With more time spent at home, there is no doubt that we are looking at our tired spaces and imagining an update.  One effective and … Continued

The History of Alton McCoy and McCoy Millwork

The year 2021 has a lot on its shoulders.  The preceding year, 2020, definitely created a fair share of challenges.  With a new year, comes a chance for new beginnings.  At McCoy Millwork, we are ready to embrace this wholeheartedly.  … Continued

The Wall: The Feature of Your Home

We all want a design style that is made to impress.  From the flooring, to the mouldings, to the fixtures, there are so many ways to express your design style.  We are all familiar with the term “accent wall” and … Continued

Custom Mantels and Design by McCoy Millwork

The Fall season is upon us.  As those crisp Autumn nights transition into the downright chilly nights of Winter, there is no better time than now to start thinking about your fireplace.  We can all close our eyes and imagine … Continued

Dreams Can Come True With Metrie Complete

There is no doubt that when remodeling a home it is critical to make sure it is done right.  As they say “time is money”, and prepping and installing trim and millwork can be a pain staking process.  Imagine being … Continued