Button Up Your Porch for Winter

As the seasons change and the rains and cold weather return to the NW, we reach for our umbrellas and coats and button up for the coming months. Now is also a good time to think about buttoning up those … Continued

Porch Products

We are now in the full swing of autumn. Leaves are turning colors and the rain is back. The beauty of the changing of seasons also reminds us of a fact of life; we live in a wet place. While … Continued

Column Terminology

Plinth: The square base that a column sits on. In wooden columns the plinth tends to be structural, where the columns sits directly on top of it. In synthetic columns the columns runs from top to bottom and the plinth … Continued

Know your mantels

There are three basic mantels; Shelf mantel: A shelf mantel is a free standing shelf mounted on a wall. A shelf mantel stands alone and does not have any legs. Full surround: A full surround mantel is what people typically … Continued

Decorating for the holidays

As we approach the end of 2012, we are nearing the holiday season. One of the most popular items at this time of year is a fireplace mantle. A mantel makes a profound statement in a room at a relatively … Continued