Common Hardwood Stair Treads

Hardwoods, both domestic and exotic have always been a favorite among stair part purchasers. Generally speaking, the more common species of stair treads in the Portland area are Red Oak, White Oak, American Cherry and Fir. In addition, there are several varieties of hardwood species which are readily available. Among these species the most popular right now are Jatoba, commonly called Brazilian Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, Hickory and Rosewood.

There are many reasons why someone would choose some of these hardwood species. The most common reason is that a customer would like to match existing exotic or hardwood flooring that they have, or are installing. It is very common to have exotics as flooring as they are extremely durable and dense. The durability factor is also a major reason why someone would choose these specific species for their treads. Exotic hardwoods tend to have a much higher hardness rating than their American counterparts, although Hickory and Walnut are extremely hard as well. Since a stair case is usually very heavily trafficked, it makes sense to use denser woods for your treads. Another aspect of exotic hardwoods is their uniqueness. Exotic woods offer distinct grain patterns and coloring that cannot be matched.

Exotic stair parts do cost more money up front, but properly maintained will last for generations. Due to the many relationships that we have established, we can generally receive both exotic and American non stock treads in 1-3 days time. Handrails and other custom parts may take longer. Come by and check out some of the exotic stair treads that we have on display in the McCoy Showroom. Please also view our online catalogue to see which species of treads we stock.

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2 Responses to “Common Hardwood Stair Treads”

  1. Randy Julian says:

    I am building an underground home with calico hickory cabinets. I Would like hickory stair treads and trim molding for doors and base board and a few other places.
    I would like to discuss options please.
    Thanks. 503-569-5218

    • McCoy Admin says:

      Sounds like a fun project! Someone from our sales department will be calling you soon.

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