Expanding Your View With Feeney CableRail and DesignRail

Cable stair railing remains a very popular option for stair and railing remodel projects.  As an authorized dealer of Feeney products, we have put together this guide to help you navigate your options so you can select the right choice for your project.

Cable Stair RailingFeeney CableRail

If the integration of stainless steel cable with wood posts and railing is what you are looking for, then CableRail by Feeney is your right choice.  There are two methods in ordering this product that will depend on the logistics of your project so you will want to have a strong grasp of any limitations or restrictions that can impact your installation.

Option 1:  CableRail Kits

The most popular and economical method of installing cable stair railing would be using the CableRail Kits.  Each kit, or assembly, would have everything you need to attach and tension cables.  These assemblies are designed for projects where you can drill through both end posts.  Each kit will include a Quick Connect Inset Fitting, all applicable hardware and selected length of 1/8″ diameter stainless steel cable with Threaded Terminal pre-attached to one end.  We stock these kits in 5′ increments, in order to be most cost effective, we recommend that you use the longest cable runs your project will allow.

Option 2:  Build Your Own

If you lack the accessibility to be able to drill through your posts there are surface mounted fittings available. CableRail Quick-Connect fittings are the go-to option for cable stair railing systems with either one or both cable ends to be attached to a wall or on the inside of a post.  In this method you would select the proper fittings both for your fixed end and your tension end.  There are a wide variety of options of stainless steel fittings to be able to accommodate most installation scenarios.  In this case, as opposed to buying the kits, you would buy the fittings and a reel of the stainless steel cable.  Since the fittings tend to be a little pricier, we recommend trying to maximize long lengths with less terminations.


DesignRail aluminum railings are the ideal combination of durability and design.  Their systems are manufactured using over 70% reclaimed materials, so you do not need to sacrifice on your design to be environmentally conscious.  With a wide array of available colors and several infill options, DesignRail is the perfect choice for both indoors and outdoors.  Feeney now offers three solutions to accommodate any project,large or small.

Option 1:  DesignRail Kits

If your project is time sensitive, the DesignRail Kits are the perfect option.  The kits come complete with specially engineered components to make installation quick and easy.  The pre-drilled aluminum posts and pickets are designed to work with the 1/8″ stainless steel cable (sold separately) and are easily accessible.  While these kits are perfect for any project on a time crunch, the options in finishes and infill are limited.  The DesignRail Kits are available in a 36″ and 42″ railing height option in a Matte Black or a Textured Black finish for both stair and level applications.

Option 2:  DesignRail Express

If you are looking for a system with more options that work with a time sensitive project, then the DesignRail Express would be a great option.  With this option, there is the option to choose from a select group of finishes and rail styles that would be ready to ship in 5-7 business days as opposed to the 3-4 week lead time with the original Design Rail.

Option 3:  Create Your Own

If you truly want a full customizable experience, then the Create Your Own option is for you.  You get to choose the details, down to the rail style, mounting choice, the infill, and the color.  With this option, you also have the opportunity to add accessories like specialty lighting.  This option definitely affords the most variety, but like anything custom, comes with an extended lead time.  The good news is that Feeney offers a comprehensive quoting process that makes it very easy for the customer.  To get the process started, fill out this form and bring it into your local dealer, like McCoy Millwork, to get your pricing estimate.


Feeney offers a great selection of accessories and tools that make your cable stair railing installation easier and gives your project the finishing touches it needs.  As with any project, you would want to consult with your local building codes office to ensure that you are in compliance.  We are happy to start the conversation with you about your CableRail or DesignRail project.  Contact us at sales@mccoymillwork.com today!

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