Finding Your Style: Option M by Metrie

One of the most challenging factors when selecting the trim for your home is defining your style.  Unless you are restoring a historic home or one signature to a specific architecture style, the options may seem overwhelming.  Fortunately, our friends at Metrie have created a line of products that highlight five unique design styles.  To make life even simpler for you, they have created a fun quiz that can help you narrow down your design style.  Meet Your Match-Which Style is right for you?


Defined as contemporary meets traditional, the New Traditional design style incorporates the curves signature to a classic style with modern elements.  Clean. Simple. Classic. Sophisticated.  This style is perfect for those that love traditional design but crave a more modern twist.  For added drama, try incorporating pops of color and bold prints to really finish out your space.



Vintage charm combined with soft lines and timeless elegance is the crux of the Shabby Chic design style.  This relaxed style will provide you that antique feel with an air of distinguished yet relaxed appeal.  Add some distressed details and antique pieces for a truly eclectic and unique space.


Rustic and relaxed, the Modern Farmhouse style exudes that country feel while incorporating a modern flair.  With its quintessential design element shiplapthis style will give that farm to table feel even in the city.  Simple yet charming, you can create your space with home-cooked meals with your family in mind.  Natural, reclaimed wood mixed with rustic details like Edison Lighting and bright Wildflowers will bring your homey yet contemporary space to life.



Casual vibes with relaxed curves in an eclectic mix of patterns and design elements make up the cool and ethereal Bohemian style.  Add height to your space with dramatic rounded crown molding while incorporating beautiful, sweeping contours.  Mix in some globally-inspired decor, bright patterns, and colorful wall art to achieve that groovy, cool vibe signature to the Bohemian style.



The sophistication of the Vintage Industrial style integrates wood moldings with an earthy mix of elements like brick, metal or concrete to create a sleek and modern space.  Clean, sharp lines will lend that bold, dramatic effect to your space.  For the distinguished character in us all, this strong and rugged design style effectively gives your space that modern urban feel.


While the design and remodel process may seem overwhelming, we hope this collection offered by Metrie will help inspire you to create and design your space.  As an authorized dealer, our Sales Team is more than happy to help you through your journey, let’s take the first step together.  Check out your options at .

*McCoy Millwork has been serving the Portland Metro area for over 70 years and houses one of the largest inventories of historic and contemporary mouldings in the Pacific Northwest.

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