New Custom Designs for your Fireplace Mantel

The holidays are always the perfect time of year to start thinking about that much needed fireplace makeover.  We have some beautiful new custom mantel design choices that are guaranteed to enhance your home!   All of our mantels are custom … Continued

Vendor Showcase 2018

Join us at McCoy Millwork’s first vendor showcase for food, beer, live music, and information straight from the source. Here you will find the perfect balance of work and play! Vendor booths will be set up to show new products … Continued

Beginners Guide to a Staircase Remodel

The inevitable time has come, the dated look of your staircase is in desperate need of an update but where do you begin?  Here is a helpful step by step to approaching your remodel project. Do your research and set your … Continued

New Product – Just in Time for Spring

Hello Portland! We’ve got a lot planned for the coming couple of months. We are working on new product and a new product catalog. Here are a few of items we’ve secured to get things started. Two styles – a … Continued

Millwork Shop – custom profiles At McCoy Millwork

Update 2016! Our shop has been up and running custom millwork profiles for about 2 years now. Adding a shaper to our inventory stepped up our standard shop services. Services now include: Easing edges on s4s lumber – any radius you … Continued

Is my house a Craftsman?

Craftsman style homes are abundant in the Portland area, yet many people are unaware of what makes a Craftsman home. In order to understand Craftsman style design we need to first look at the Victorian period.  Victorian style homes where … Continued

A Machine for Living In

In a world of new technologies and conveniences, architects thrive to design buildings and homes that are thrilling and full of imagination and artistry. We no longer build to connect the human to God but more to the humans’ ability … Continued