Dreams Can Come True With Metrie Complete

There is no doubt that when remodeling a home it is critical to make sure it is done right.  As they say “time is money”, and prepping and installing trim and millwork can be a pain staking process.  Imagine being able to skip the dreaded steps of sanding, priming, and painting?  Sounds too good to be true right?  Well, lucky for you there is a pre-finished trim product line by one of the premier manufacturers of Mouldings and Millwork in the US, Metrie, that is designed to make installation a breeze.

Metrie Complete – Pre-finished trim

Dining room trimmed with pre-finished trim from Metrie Complete

Metrie Complete is a patented pre-finished trim line that is installation ready from step 1.  We are spending more time indoors than ever before and there is no better time that now to look at updating those dingy, dark, and tired spaces.  Have you been dreaming of adding a shiplap wall but are intimidated by the entire prep process?Entry stairway with pre-finished trim including shiplap and base from Metrie Complete

Are you afraid of messy paint marks from hanging crown moulding?  Fear no more, because Metrie Complete requires no painting or staining making it the signature no muss/no fuss option!  The complete collection is pre-painted with a bright Polar White finish certain to compliment any design style!


Ok, I am sure by now you have some questions.  Metrie has an extensive supply of installations tips, design ideas, and more on their website but here are some answers to some of the more common questions.instructions for installing pre-finished trim from Metrie Complete

Is any painting required?

No painting is required on the Metrie Complete products. It is a pre-finished solution that is ready to be installed.

What if I want a color besides white?

Although Metrie Complete is pre-painted, should you choose to change the color, you can! You will need to prepare the surface before painting by using a fine 120 grit sand paper followed by regular painting procedures.

Are any accessories required for finishing?

Pre-painted moulding accessory products are available with everything you need to finish the job including wax fill stick, putty, caulking and spray enamel paint.

Are all Metrie profiles available in the Complete collection?

No.  However, there are a good variety of mouldings and trim including; crown, casing, lumber, baseboard, jambs, and shiplap.  Click here to see their inventory.

Where can I buy Metrie Complete?

As an authorized dealer of Metrie products, McCoy Millwork is able to get these products in as little as one business day.  Contact our sales team for more information.  Inquire about special pricing for whole house packages or large scale, multi-family, or commercial projects.

We are confident that you will love Metrie Complete!  As the adage goes; “work smarter not harder”, Metrie Complete proves that adage 100%!

living room windows trimmed with Metrie Complete casing



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