Why You Should Hire a Professional Painter to Finish Your Staircase.

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You have just made an investment on remodeling the largest piece of unfinished furniture in your home, your staircase. Yes when you get down to it, it is a piece of unfinished furniture. It is the first thing when people walk in the door and most likely make a comment on it. Yet it is still not quite done yet and will need to have a coat of stain and finish on it to complete the project. The question you may ask yourself do I Hire a professional painter or do it yourself? If you don’t much about painting or staining it is a pretty simple answer, hire a Pro. If you know something about staining or painting it maybe just enough to get you trouble when you believe you can tackle finishing your new investment. My viewpoint on this is Don’t.

You can look at from the viewpoint of working on tuning up your new car. You may be able change the spark plugs, wires, oil, etc. but why take the chance that something might not go right in the process of the tune up. Today’s cars are a lot different from 20 years ago. The technical aspects are the same with painting when it comes to staining and finishing.  You want to have that furniture finish on your staircase. Some of today’s Painter’s know that technology. They specialize in that knowledge and skills to apply that knowledge.
So how do I go about finding the correct painter? newels (468x640)Some painters specialize on exterior painting, some interior painting, some staining and finishing. When it comes to your largest piece of unfinished furniture you want the painter who specializes in staining, finishing and the application of it. You begin by asking around to friends and neighbors for recommendations for painters. You can zero in by asking what they did for them. When you find a few candidates you can ask a few simple questions that will help you decide if they are the right painter for you.

Some questions to ask the painter
·        Do you specialize in this field
·        What is your experience with stains and finishes
·        Can you match or give a sample of the stain on site (your home)
·        How many stain samples or draw downs are you allowed before they start charging for them?
·        Ask for referrals

27 (2) (464x640)You are looking for a professional in this specialty, someone who has done this before many times and be able to correct or accept a change. Like the car mechanic you want to know your car will run correct and if not be able to diagnose and fix it without a lot justifications about why it doesn’t run. By following the above tips you will find the right painter and also maybe find who’s going to paint the exterior of your house next summer in the process.

Another note: When I first started out in the trades I was a painter. For the first six months the only time I had a paint brush in my hand was to clean it. I wasn’t allowed to paint using my left hand (I’m a righty) for a year. My apprenticeship lasted for two years and was a painter for ten years.  I was professionally trained. Today I wouldn’t even touch staining or painting a staircase even with my past training, why should you.  Protect your investment wisely.V

Shane Kenney

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