Wild About Wild Hog Stair Panels

Wild about Wild Hog!

This exterior grade, mesh, stair panels offer three very big advantages that make it a desirable choice.

  • Quality Build:  Manufactured in state of the art facilities with durable high quality materials ready to withstand the elements for many years to come.
  • Easy Installation:  Save time and money with pre-fabricated railing sizes.  Simple to install for DIYER’s or Professionals alike.
  • Great Options:  Available in multiple styles, materials, and colors to enhance your next residential or commercial project.

In addition to these features, most notably, Wild Hog panels offer a low maintenance solution that is durable while offering extraordinary visibility.  They are truly built with your landscape in mind!

exterior deck using wild hog stair panels and wood posts
Exterior installation – Wild Hog stair panels

Wild Hog panels originated from the big and bulky panels used to keep in livestock, like Hogs, hence the name.  They have modified these panels to a smaller scale with a 6 gauge welded 4×4 mesh pattern. When partnered with the exterior grade wood railings and posts of your choice, you truly have the perfect marriage of durability and style.  From a CVG Fir to a Western Red Cedar to something exotic like Mahogany or Ipe, there is a style/color choice that is perfectly suited to compliment any wood.

Wild Hog is clearly an excellent choice for decks, railings, and fencing for the exterior of your home.  However, the versatility of this product makes it an excellent choice for the interior of your home as well.  Perfect for modern, rustic, or farmhouse style designs, Wild Hog works with many of the most popular and contemporary design trends.

interior entry way and stair with wild hog stair panels
Farmhouse Style
interior, modern design balcony using wild hog stair panels
Modern Design

To learn more about Wild Hog Stair Panels and Railings and all they have to offer, contact our sales team or visit their website.  We think it will be a great option for our customers who are looking to think outside the box!

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