Iron shoe


Baluster Shoes are an accessory used to finish the installation of iron balusters.
Installed at the bottom of each baluster, use the appropriate 1/2″ or 3/4″ pitch shoe on top of a raked shoe rail or pony wall.
The angle of these die cast aluminum shoes can be adjusted on site with a grinder.

SBPITCHSHOEEX – 1/2″ Satin Black shoe

FBPITCHSHOEEX – 1/2″ Flat Black shoe

PWPITCHSHOE – 1/2″ Pewter shoe

MEGAPITCHSAT – 3/4″ Satin Black shoe

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pewter, Satin Black, Flat Black, Mega Satin Black

Pitch Shoe – Square Balusters

Interior Baluster Shoe
Satin Black – 1/2″ Satin Black shoe
Flat Black – 1/2″ Satin Black shoe
Pewter – 1/2″ Satin Black shoe
Satin Black Mega – 3/4″ Satin Black shoe

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